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Lecture on Universal Appeal in the Dramas of William Shakespeare

The Dept. of English organized a Lecture on 7/04 /22 at 11 a.m on the occasion of Shakespeare’s birthday in this month .
The students took active part by sharing their thoughts. Dr. Sarita Sinha, the Head of the English department has been the author of ‘The ‘Rasa’ Element in Shakespeare’ , a book  which has thrown a novel and significant light on the universal applicability of Shakespeare’s dramas.  She delivered the lecture on universal appeal in the dramas of William Shakespeare. In her opinion when a piece of literature appeals to the readers across the globe or universe it is said to have universal appeal. Shakespearean tragedies have universal themes depicting human emotions like greed, lust, jealousy, superstitions, love, compassion etc. which are  presentable and acceptable in all cultures of the world. Dr. Norah Nivedita also shared her thoughts and gave vote of thanks.