Office Orders

Office Order

SrNo Date Description File
1 2024-02-05 Notice for Arvind Mahila College NIRF 2024 Order File
2 2021-11-03 Notice for Guards (Security Guard ) working in the college Order File
3 2021-11-29 Notice for No amount should be taken from any student Order File
4 2021-11-30 Notice for Allotment Committee Order File
5 2021-12-02 Notice for Amarendra kumar Sinha is ordered to supply bonafide forms Order File
6 2023-08-14 Notice for ConcerningTeaching completion of course, Examnation Order File
7 2023-08-14 Notice for Teaching completion of course, Exam.. Order File
8 2023-08-14 Notice for Teaching completion of course, Examination. Order File
9 2022-07-26 Notice for Today, on 20.07.2022 a committee Order File
10 2022-08-13 Notice for Independence Day Order File
11 2022-09-02 Notice for Biometric attendance Order File
12 2022-09-03 Notice for All teachers and non-teaching staff Order File
13 2022-09-21 Notice for since the inception of the college Order File
14 2022-10-20 Notice for Seminar hall assembly has been organized. Order File
15 2022-11-05 Notice for Krishna Hostel will be inaugurated Order File
16 2022-11-05 Notice for alumni association meeting Order File
17 2022-11-07 Notice for all classes will be suspended. Order File
18 2022-11-30 Notice for Kho-Kho competition " Sports Order File
19 2022-12-19 Notice for Managment Cell Order File
20 2022-12-21 Notice for 63rd Foundation Ceremany is being organized Order File
21 2023-01-04 Notice for Appointed nodal offcer Order File
22 2023-01-04 Notice for Appointed As H.O.D Order File
23 2023-01-04 Nitice for A NAAC Committe Order File
24 2023-02-03 Notice for Department of Commerce, and Urdu Order File
25 2023-02-14 Notice for Invitation letter for media coverage Order File
26 2023-02-17 Notice for Press Release Order File
27 2023-04-06 Notice for A NAAC Steering Committee has been again reconstituted consisiting of the fllowing members- Order File
28 2023-04-06 Notice for IQAC Committee has been Reconstituted on 5th April 2023 consisting of the following members Order File
29 2023-06-02 Notice for Teaching and non Teaching Staff Order File